Hello 2013!

Hello 2013!

It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to work on this blog.  Thankfully, life has taken a few giant bounds forward and part of the new and improved me is a renewed commitment to this site.  My apologies for being so lax over the past… year.  Sigh.

While I may have been absent from the blogosphere, I have not been absent from the art world.  Over the past year I’ve been featured in Horseback Magazine, juried into the always excellent Ex Arte Equinus (2013) and American Academy of Equine Art Fall Exhibition (2012), shipped work to collectors in 6 different states, had work shown in many exhibitions and galleries, and signed a deal to have my line of HoofPRINTS notecards sold in an extremely well respected English tack store nationwide.  (they are doing very well, btw, thanks to everyone for embracing them!)

Lots of things coming up and new work on the easel, including two very exciting commissions in progress.  In the meantime, here’s a recap of some of the new(er) work from the past few (several) months.

All images ©Joanna Zeller Quentin 2013.  All Rights Reserved.  www.MoosePantsStudio.com  
Please respect my copyright.

Whorld of Trouble  ©Joanna Zeller Quentin 2013


Patience  ©Joanna Zeller Quentin 2013


Forward  ©Joanna Zeller Quentin 2013


Spanish Treasure  ©Joanna Zeller Quentin 2013


Spirited  ©Joanna Zeller Quentin 2013


Superman  ©Joanna Zeller Quentin 2013


Hope is a Thing with Feathers  ©Joanna Zeller Quentin 2013


That Perches in the Soul  ©Joanna Zeller Quentin 2013


Bashful Bloodhound  ©Joanna Zeller Quentin 2013