Commissions and Custom Art

I happily accept commissions for custom portraiture and original artwork. I primarily work from photographs, which means that as long as you have good, clear photos of the subject of the painting, I can create lifelike portraits of horses and other pets who may no longer be with you. If possible, I like to take my own reference photos, but I can also work from owner supplied images as well.

One of the benefits of commissioning your own portrait is that the painting can be completely customized. Some people want a portrait to go in a specific room with a set color scheme or in a defined wall space. By commissioning a portrait, I work with you to make sure you are getting exactly the painting or drawing you want. My goal is to deliver a portrait that captures YOUR animal exactly as you wish and also allows for expression, creativity and life to shine through.

Curious about how to start? Not sure what exactly you want? Send me an email and we’ll chat. Size, medium, composition… the possibilities are endless.  Email me at

Thank you to my patrons and collectors who have entrusted me with their memories and their requests.  It is a true honor.

Commissions start at $450 for watercolor/ gouache and $600 for oils.  Please contact me for pricing and booking information.



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