“The Vernal Equinox” inaugural juried art show in my home state!

Here’s a secret.  Before I painted horses, I painted birds.  In fact (leans in close and whispers) I STILL love to paint birds, even though I haven’t done so for a while.  So, when I received an alert about an inaugural juried show called ‘The Vernal Equinox” being held near my hometown of Naperville, IL, I knew I had to submit something.  Even though this piece was created several years ago, it fit the spring” theme of the show perfectly.  The Great Blue Heron is a migratory bird that arrives in the Midwest during April and May, and I have fond memories of gathering at Lake Renwick with my father to observe dozens of herons and other wading birds during the spring and summer months.  The jurying of images happened right in the middle of our cross country move (more on that soon!) and I had to scramble to unpack several pieces of artwork to locate “Great Blue Heron” once I learned it was accepted to the show.  Per the organizers, around 270 works of art were submitted – that’s a phenomenal amount for an inaugural show – and mine was one of 55 accepted.   I also have to give a shout out to the article for noting that some of the artwork came from Texas… that’s me!  I’m so happy to have a piece of my artwork on exhibition at an inaugural event in my home state.  “Great Blue Heron” scratchboard, watercolor and india inks on Clapboard.  Here’s a link to more information on the show: