Commissioned Custom Equine Artwork by Joanna Zeller Quentin

Commissioned Portraits = Custom Horse Art

Commissions are an artist’s bread and butter.  Not to mention the fact that they are incredibly fun and rewarding to do for both the artist and the patron.  Almost everybody has a favorite picture of themselves and/or their horse, but maybe something’s not quite right about it.  You love the pose, but there’s a truck in the background.  Or you adore the colors but your horse had his mouth open… or you do!  Or in some cases, you’ve got a collection of pictures featuring people and animals who have never been on the planet together at the same time. All of these things can make you wish for a magic wand… or a magic paintbrush.

Commissioned portraits solve all of these issues.  When designing a commission, the only limit is your imagination… and good reference material.  (I cannot stress enough how important GOOD reference photos are.  See how much I’m emphasizing this?  STILL NOT ENOUGH.)

When you commission a portrait, you and I work together to create the piece you want, in the size you want, to fill the space you want, in the colors you want.  It’s a true collaboration.  We discuss the details of the portrait including color scheme, “mood”, etc, and review images to try and define the idea you are trying to convey.  Once we have the idea fleshed out, I’ll create a sketch and color scheme.  Once you approve the sketch, it’s off to work for me. Once the painting is finished and the balance paid, I carefully package it up and ship to you, ready for display!

Prices start as low as $500 for 9×12 in oil, $400 for watercolor or gouache, or $300 for pencil/ charcoal/ ink.

Custom sizes available.  Contact me for more details!  And remember, I also offer gift certificates.