I finally got back to the studio today.  It’s been a crazy few weeks, and unfortunately, when life interferes, personal work sometimes takes a backseat.  No crazy deadline to rush, no looming publication date, just a few weeks at the end of the year to work on “fun” stuff.  “Different” stuff.  Maybe “Next Year’s” stuff?

Anyway, here is “Bill” (working title only) after about 2 hours of purely pleasurable work.  Small-ish (for me) board, manageable subject, just a chance to cut loose and have some Fauvre-fun.  Sometime soon I have to:
1) identify this bird, because I don’t think “Bill” will cut it, and
2) come up with a real title for this piece.  I have an idea or two, but I’m holding off until I feel a little more settled in it.
Next blog article will have something of great substance and profound importance, I promise.  Thanks for reading anyway.

“WIP”  © Joanna Zeller Quentin 2011.  All Rights Reserved.