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New Year, New Logo!

New Year, New Logo!

Designed from a photo I’d taken at HITS Saugerties last fall.  The wonderful flowing ribbon, the graceful line of the neck, the barest suggestion of the tack, the set of the ears, and the silhouette of the horse communicates in a glance what I look for and try to capture in an image.  There’s a(…)

“Alchemy” accepted to Texas and Neighbors Show!

“Alchemy” accepted to Texas and Neighbors Show!

Wow, what a busy start to 2016!  I’m pleased to announce that “Alchemy” was chosen to be included in the well regarded Texas and Neighbors show at the Irving Arts Center in Irving, TX.  This is my first time submitting to this very competitive show, and I am very happy to be accepted!  (Plus, it’s(…)

“Blazing” juried into LSU Animals in Art show!

“Blazing” juried into LSU Animals in Art show!

“Blazing” will be on exhibit as part of Louisiana State University’s School of Veterinary Medicine’s museum quality 28th Annual Animals in Art Show.  Pleased to be included as one of 75 entries chosen from almost 400 entries.  Thank you to LSU staff and jurors for always putting on a top notch exhibition!  Take a virtual(…)

“Quicksilver” and “Blazing” headed to AZ and LA!

“Quicksilver” and “Blazing” headed to AZ and LA!

Pleased to announce that “Quicksilver” will be traveling to the Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum as part of the International Society of Scratchboard Artists members show. Opening reception March 19, 2016.  Check out the show here!

  • Southwest Art Magazine, March 2015

    “Quentin brings her intimate knowledge of the horse and the sport to her artwork in multiple styles and mediums.”

    Laura Rintala
    Managing Editor, Southwest Art Magazine

  • Anne Rice

    “Your art… is full of life, conviction, talent and power.”

    Anne Rice

  • Mel S

    “The portrait you created is my most prized possession.  Everyone knows to save it first if there was ever a fire.”

    M.S., commissioned portrait customer

  • LOPE

    “Your work captures the beauty, movement and heart of the horse while maintaining… an elegance and harmony in each of your pieces.”

    Lynn Reardon
    LOPE TX, Founder and author of Beyond the Homestretch

  • The Equine Insider, July 2014

    “If you look at Joanna Zeller Quentin’s artwork, you will immediately recognize that the artist is a true horse lover at heart… (she) puts her passion to work by creating stunningly beautiful art in a variety of media.”


    Paige Cerulli
    Founder and Editor, The Equine Insider

Artist Statement

I use bold, vibrant color and elegant black and white to communicate my passion for art and the animal form.  The power, grace, strength and energy of horses speak very strongly to me, and I depict them frequently in my work. 

Utilizing a variety of different media, I try to create works of art that are engaging, gestural, energetic and accurate.

Featured Work!

My new logo.  I kinda love it.  Taken of and inspired by a gorgeous bay at HITS Saugerties 2015 after ribbon presentation.
** Window stickers available!  Let me know if you'd like one!

MPS Logo

My new logo. I kinda love it. Taken of and inspired by a gorgeous bay at HITS Saugerties 2015 after ribbon presentation. ** Window stickers available! Let me know if you'd like one!

On the Easel

One LARGE and very special commission wrapping up. 

6 - count 'em - 6! new equine portraits ready to burst off the canvas.

Plus, look for a whole series on "Life at a Horse Show"!  I need a catchier name...

Equine Art by Joanna Zeller Quentin. Artist and Muse, photograph 2014, Moose Pants Studio

Jo and Baby B Free, aka "Frankie" 

Thank you to my collectors, friends, fans and family for their support!

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